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Piss sex story: At the beach

We were walking on a beach in the afternoon. There was a warmbreeze and a mild surf. You wear wearing a light pair of white cottonpants with heavy, ribbed cotton panties, and a shirt tied at the waist. I had on a pair of cotton underwear that looked exactly like a lightblue bikini bathing suit, and a t-shirt. There were a fair amount ofpeople on the beach, but it wasn't intrusive, and the breeze wasblowing through our hair and molding our clothing to our bodies. Ihad already told her what I wanted. I told her as I was sliding mytongue in her mouth and kissing her earlier. Now, with couples not20 feet from us, she looked at me and smiled. She knew what Iwanted. She faced the beach, with the water to her back, and the sunsilhouetting her form. I came up behind her and wrapped my armsaround her so that my hands came together lightly on her pussy. Shewas a little embarrassed, but she knew she couldn't refuse. I felt hermake herself relax, and after a short moment she murmured a soft"mmmmmm". I could feel the warmth before anything else, and aslight swelling in her panties. They gently ballooned out with theweight and pressure of the sweet liquid that was pouring into them. It was almost as if, for a moment, they couldn't hold the enormousquantity that soaked her pubic hair, an seeped up the crack of herass. But that would have meant that she'd have had to pull back andstop, and it was just too late for that. She'd completely let go,and as she continued to gently pee on herself, the heavy fabric of herpanties soaked through, and the stream now poured from directlybetween her legs, drenching her inner thighs, not to mention the thincotton of her pants. My hands now pressed in on her crotch, andforced the sides of her panties to spill there contents further so thatmy hands were wet with her, and the stain spreading and soaking onher pants was unmistakable. Even in the sun's bleaching light onecould still see a slight yellowness to it. I massaged her clit as Ipressed the pee out of her panties, and she came as the last of it wasreleased. We started to again walk. Our feet were caressed by thewaves. There were wet people everywhere, but she was special. Herfeet were wet. Even her ankles were wet. But from her calves to herknees she was dry. We knew people were thinking, "Doesn't it looklike that woman pee'd in her pants??? Oh, my God, I bet she did!". She feels the warm wetness soak her as we walk to an outcropping ofrocks. Once there, she again knew what to do. She got on her kneesin front of me, and pressed her face to my crotch. I asked her if shewas ready, and instead of answering, she blew warm air through mysuit, onto my cock. It stirred slightly. Looking into her eyes, I beganto release into my suit, and with my hand on the back of her head, Ipressed her face into the rapidly soaking material. Her cheeks, noseand lips were wet with my pee. I then stopped for a moment, pulledher face away, and lowered my suit, so that my wet crotch wasexposed to the air. "Start playing with yourself sweetheart." Icommanded. She slid her hand down to her sopping pussy, andplayed with her clit. I tilted her head back, and with that, her mouthwas open. I lifted my penis to within inches of her mouth, sighed, andstarted to again piss, now hitting the roof of her mouth, and filling ituntil, like a fountain base, it overflowed and poured down her chin,splashing on the same hand that was bringing her over the edge to anorgasm. She then closed her mouth over my streaming cock until Ifinished. After which, with my warm pee still in her mouth, she mademe hard, and pumped me with her hand until my come shot out andmixed in her mouth. I made her hold it for a moment, then let herdribble it out onto her chest, so that the walk back to the car wouldbring more questioning stares her way.

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Piss sex story: The best ever....

"How much farther?" she asked in a tense voice. "Oh, maybetwenty or thirty minutes" Sam replied, "Why, is something wrong?"Judy silently debated with herself before responding. They hadjust passed the place where Sam had made them stop last week onthe way home from their Saturday night out. He had needed tourinate and couldn't wait till they got home. She now wished shehadn't teased him about it in front of their friends telling themall that he couldn't control his bladder that well. Her ownbladder was rapidly reaching its limit in fact that last bumpthey had hit had caused the loss of a couple drops of urine intoher panties. "Oh, no, everything is okay." she finally responded. "That'sgood," sam replied, "because if you think I'm stopping to let youpee after the way you humiliated me last week, you'd better thinkagain." They took turns drinking and staying sober on thesenights as it was an hour drive from the dance hall and bar theyliked to go to the apartment they shared. Tonight Judy had had alittle more beer than usual, and was feeling really great, sheusually got quite aroused when she was drinking, and this was noexception; but she was afraid she might not make it home with outhaving an accident if she couldn't convince Sam to stop so shecould go alongside the road. About 5 minutes later Judy pleaded, "Sam, could you pleasestop, I really have to pee badly! You wouldn't want me to wet theseat of your truck, would you? "If you do, you'll have to clean it up when we get home, butI told you we're not stopping!" Sam exclaimed. "Could you hurry then," Judy begged, "My panties are alreadydamp. "How much longer till we get home? "At least ten minutes," Sam responded, "Where do you think Icould stop anyway? "We passed the last parking area twentyminutes ago. If I stop now you'll be visible to every car thatgoes by. "Is that what you want to do pee in front of all thepeople going down the road?" Judy sat silently with her legs firmly crossed, wishing thatshe had gone again just before they left; there had been a longline and she was anxious to get home and make love. Finally shesaid, "Stop, I'll wait till no one is coming, then go quickly."Please, I'm sorry I made fun of you last weekend. "I guess it'llbe my own fault if you do it to me." Sam slowed the truck and said, "I really don't know why, I'mdoing this, I really should make you wait." He pulled to a stopon the shoulder. There was no vegetation or other shelter andthere was a line of cars coming both ways. The pressure in Sally's bladder was really bad now, Thethought of going only made it worse as she watched the carscoming. When a break finally came she opened the door and sliddown. "Damn," she muttered as she slid out of the truck, Inclimbing down another spurt of urine soaked the crotch of herunderpants. As she started to pull up her skirt another car camedown the road highlighting her alongside the truck. She decidedto wait for this one, but if another came she was going no matterwho saw her. Just then she felt a spasm in her now overdistendedbladder and a stream started running down the inside of her thighas her panties were no longer able to absorb it. She struggled tostop it but it was no use as a torrent ran down from between herlegs. She was sure the approaching car could see but there wasnothing she could do now! She was so embarrassed when she finallywas able to stop, that she just pulled off her soaking wetunderpants and jumped back in the truck. She still needed to gomore but could wait a while now. "Did you change your mind," Sam asked, as she climbed backin the truck, "Why did you throw away your panties anyway?" "I guess I went standing up like you did last week!, shereplied, "But I'm not really equipped to do it that way and mypanties were soaked. "I Guess my shoes and legs are too," shestated as Sam reached over to feel her urine soaked thighs.Suddenly she realized her arousal was becoming more intense,increased rather than decreased by the humiliating experience shehad just undergone. "I wish I could have felt the stream as you let go" Sammused, "That would have been a real turn on for me." He turnedthe truck into the parking lot of their apartment, and reachedover to kiss her and run his hand over her still soaked crotch."Lets get inside and into bed; at least I won't have to wait foryou to use the bathroom before going to bed. As they went in hegrabbed a towel and dried her legs and helped her remove herclothes as she felt her passion rise when he rubbed her crotch. Soon they were in each others arms on the bed, Sally triedto ignore the resuming pressure in her bladder as she respondedto the attention he was giving her! As his mouth traced a pathfrom her breasts to her again dampening pussy she lost allthoughts of her bladder as he brought her to increasing arousalwith his tongue, suddenly as she was going into the pleasurespasms of orgasm, she realized with each spasm she was releasinga spurt of warm urine. Sam never slowed as he drank deeply fromher flowing fountain. Afterwards as they relaxed in the bed, Sam said. "Next timeyou need to pee before sex, DON'T! That was the best ever.Surprising herself Sally had to agree.

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Piss sex story: Care to join me?

John and Kathy were heading home after spending much of the dayat a mall about 30 miles from home. There they shared a giantlemonade which they purchased at the food court. After leavingthe mall they had stopped at a road stand for some pizza. It wasa warm day and John ordered a mug of beer for Kathy, he knew sheliked beer with pizza, and a frosty root beer for himself -sincehe was driving. "I can't believe all this traffic today out here in the country."said John, He slowed his truck saying "I'm turning off down thisdirt road. I'm going to wet my pants If I don't piss soon." Neither one had been to the rest-room since they had left homethat morning. "Well you could always tie a rubber band aroundit." grinned Kathy." Besides I've never seen a guy wet his pantsbefore." "That's not funny" said John. "just wait til you haveto go." "Sorry" said Kathy who was beginning to feel the need herself. "Anyway since I drank most of that lemonade I should be the onewho has to go, not you." "That's true" said John. "How do you doit?" "Combination of things I suppose." replied Kathy. "I'vealways been able to hold it and over the years I just improved myskills. Anyway it's compensation." "Compensation for what?" asked John. "For being a girl!" replied Kathy who was feelingthe beer she had drank. "What do you mean? he asked, quiteintrigued by the turn in conversation."Well.." replied Kathy now feeling good from the beer. "Since agirl doesn't have anything to pee with she shouldn't have to pee- right?" "I can't argue with that logic" he answered. Shecontinued "At least not very often anyway. I think it's unfairthat a girl is forced to undress, squat, and expose her bodywhile a guy merely needs to open his fly. How would you feelhaving to pull down your pants, sometimes sit on dirty toiletseats, and clean yourself when done. It's almost like taking ashit 4 or 5 times a day." "You're right. I never thought of itthat way before. You must really hate to pee" he said. "No,actually I like to pee" she answered. "But I want to do it on myown terms - the right place and the right time, like when I'm inthe mood." "You mean you have to get into the mood to pee?" asked John who was really excited now. "Well... sometimes it'sfun." grinned Kathy. "Well, sometimes I like to pee and playtoo." replied John "but right now I've got to pee so badly I cantaste it." The dirt road led into a secluded swampy area overgrown withweeds and thorn bushes Kathy noticed he was playing with hispenis - probably trying to keep from having an accident in thetruck she thought. She often did similar things - pressing herhand into her crotch, tightly squeezing her pussy lips, using herfingers to press and squeeze the pee hole so that nothing cancome out. Accident prevention she called itJohn jumped from the truck and whipped his prick out. "I neverthought it could feel so good. A good piss is better than sex." he said pointing his water hose into the air. "I hope youremember that later" grinned Kathy who never cared for sex thatmuch. "Care to join me?" he said. "No thanks." she said. "I'll wait until I get home." "OK.. but I don't think we'llfind another place." Kathy felt the pressure in her own bladder. After all she haddrank most of the lemonade plus the beer at the pizza stand. Andshe hadn't peed since early this morning. She was proud of herabilities but she could hold only so much - even with her supersize tank as she liked to think of it. Kathy watched John pissing. She wasn't sure that she reallycould wait that long. But she certainly wasn't going squat inall those thorn bushes covering the ground. Besides what ifsomeone came down the road and caught her with her pants down. That always was her biggest fear. "Why couldn't I've been born a guy" she thought "Never a hassle.Just whip it out, do your thing and put it away. Quick and easy. And guys don't have the misery of periods - the accidents andembarrassment when they come unexpectedly, hassle with tamponsand pads. And then there's the worry over pregnancy. Whathappens if the condom breaks. Peeing, periods, and pregnancy.The three P's - for women only." Kathy's thoughts and resentmentover being a female were broken by the car coming down the road. She was glad she hadn't peed for she certainly would have beenseen. John stopped peeing and quickly zipped up his fly. "I wasalmost done anyway. Guess being a guy does have it's ad-vantages." he grinned as he drove the truck back to the mainroad. "That's not funny. Don't get me started again." repliedKathy "It's not my fault I'm missing plumbing." "Penis envy."said John. "Call it anything you like." replied Kathy "How much longer?" she asked in a tense voice about 10 minutesafter they were back on the road. "About another 30 minutes; Whoknows with this slow traffic." "Don't tell me you now have topee" John said. "I told you there probably won't be anotherplace to stop." Kathy silently debated with herself beforeresponding. She wished she had peed back there in the thornbushes. Why was she always so optimistic. Hadn't she learnedfrom her other accidents. Her bladder was rapidly reaching itslimit that last bump they had hit had caused the loss of a coupledrops of pee into her pants. "Oh, no, everything is okay." shefinally responded while at the same time unbuckling her pants torelieve some of the pressure. About 5 minutes later Kathy pleaded "There's an old gas stationup ahead. Please stop, I really have to pee badly! Maybe theyhave rest rooms - even though I hate using them." But when theygot there it was closed. Kathy thought about running behind thebuilding but there were a few motor-bikers who had stopped for arest. She'd rather have an accident then take a chance with themwatching her pee. "Coke machine works" said John as he retrievedthe cold soda. "Want some?" "You sure know how to torture aperson" she said. "If I drink that there's going to be a floodright here in front of everyone." Easing his truck back on the road, John hit a bump. A smallamount of pee squirted out of Kathy's crack. She felt the warmwetness in her underpants and instinctively tightened hersphincter. She already had her legs crossed and thighs tightlysqueezed but the enormous pressure from her swollen bladder wastoo much to hold back. Suddenly another squirt of pee shot outand making a big wet spot in her pants. This time there was nobump to cause it. "You're going to have a wet seat if we don'tfind a place to stop right now" she said. You'd better not orelse you're going to have to clean it up." said John. "Why don'tyou pee into this empty coke can." "That's not funny" she said"You know I can't do that." "Just kidding." he said. Kathy knew that she was about to have an accident and she didn'twant it to happen in John's truck. She moved her hand over thehuge bulge of her distended bladder, and reached inside hersoaked panties. Her fingers were inside her crack, seeking theopening of the pee hole. It hurt slightly when she pressed itshut but she was determined to keep it in. She felt her urethraexpand as her overdistended bladder again tried to force some ofit's contents out. But this time no pee came out. "Hey I've got an idea" said John. "There's an old raincoat in theback of the truck. You can cover yourself and take off those wetpants. You can pee while standing and no one will know. "I oweyou for this" Kathy said. He stopped the truck and quickly gotthe raincoat helping her into it and taking off her wet pants. As he was helping her out of the truck Kathy took her hand out ofher crotch. As she did so a huge squirt of pee shot out wettingthe raincoat and running down her legs. Kathy stood up next tothe truck with her legs spread. As soon as there was a break intraffic she released a huge gusher from her opened crack - thestream splashing between her feet. When a car came she stoppedand waited til it was clear before resuming. When it was clear in both directions she lifted up the raincoatand put her fingers in her pussy shooting the stream out frontlike a guy. The excitement turned them both on. John put hishands in Kathy's crack feeling her warm pee flow over hisfingers. She peed a gusher and he was amazed at how much oneperson could hold. When she was finally finished they both gotinto the truck, she wearing only the raincoat."Seeing you pee like that made me horny" he smiled. Kathysmiled back. "Me too" she said.

Piss sex story: Soaked summer dress

You are wearing a thin cotton summer dress, with your favoritecotton panties on. I have on cotton kahkis, seamless cotton briefs,and a blue button down workshirt. We are walking in a crowed mall,and you whisper to me that you'll have to pee soon. At that moment,a man you know calls out to you from the store where he works andsays hello. I don't know him, so I tell you that I am going to look insome other stores, and not to be too long talking to him. I walk awayfrom you and go into a store but I don't lose sight of you. Inside the store, while browsing, I notice that you are enjoyingyourself. Nothing more, but it is obvious the man finds you attractiveand you enjoy his attentions. After about five minutes I come backout and ask you to come look at an item with me. You tell the manyou'll be back in a little while. I take you past the store and into themen's restroom. You are very lucky since there is no one else inthere, and I lock the door after us. I tell you to kneel in front ofme, and face me. I then instruct you to take out my cock, and get ithard with your mouth. You put your hands on the front of my pants,and you can feel the heat through the material. You take my hot, softpenis out of my pants, and put it to your wet lips. Just as you areabout to open your mouth to take me, I let out a warm stream of peeon your lips, mouth, hands and chin. You feel it drip down yourcheeks and chin and onto your fingers. But I stop myself from lettingall my pee out on you, and I again tell you to take my in your mouthand make me hard. My tone is never harsh, always with affection, butalways to be heeded. As my cock grows on your tongue, you can tastea warm mixture of my golden liquid and my salty come. After I am hard, and you bring me close to coming, I instructyou to kneel with your back to me, and pull your dress up aroundyour waist (you think you know what's coming). I ask you to prepareyou panties for me, and you pull them down just the right amount,just midway down your thighs. I then kneel behind you and slip myhand between you legs to feel the wettness of your cunt. I then slipmy penis between your legs, your slippery lips, and give a slightthrust to place the head of my cock inside you. I move it slowly,shallow at first, then deeper and deeper. I bring it out so again justthe head is inside, when you then feel a warm, powerful wettnessstreaming inside you overflowing on to your panties. As I continue topee inside you, I thrust up one last time and start also to come. Thewarm, wet, sticky liquids are streaming out of you, filling yourpanties, and running down the inside of your thighs. I tell you to pull up your wet panties, and stand up. Althoughyour panties are full, your completely soaked between your legs, andI am still dripping out of you, your dress does a remarkable job ofcovering it up. You then go and say goodbye to your male friend(you feel the wettness every step you take towards him) and then weleave. In the car home you realize that you never pee'd and you wantto so badly (not that you couldn't hold it, but it would feel sooo good). I tell you to wait, and when we finally do get out of the car, I holdyou close and tell you to go ahead. Slowly, a beautiful, hot streamstarts flowing into your soaked panties, through your dress, mypants, and down your legs. I pull up your dress, pull you pantiesdown, and lick you while you come in my mouth, the last of your peedripping.

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Piss sex story : "Incontinence"

Molly was sitting in the fourth row and trying to act interested while Professor Dixon droned on about the rules of search and seizure! He was just starting to explain how the fourth amendment came into play, when out of the blue, the door to the lecture hall burst open, and a man raced over to the professor, screamed something at him, and then pulled out a gun, aimed it at Professor Dixon, fired it, and then just as quickly as he had appeared, tore out of the room and was gone!!! There was utter pandemonium while fifty five second year law students tried to comprehend what had just transpired in front of them!!! Finally, one of the men in the front row jumped up and ran over to see how badly the professor had been shot, and much to the amazement of everyone in the room, he stood up, brushed himself off, and said casually, "All of you have just witnessed a murder, for tomorrow's assignment, I want each and every one of you to write down exactly what you saw!!!" "Don't collaborate with any of your fellow students, as this is test to see how well you can recall certain events that occurred right in front of you," he continued, "as some of you may have noticed, there is a video camera in the rear of the hall that hopefully recorded the entire incident for shall we say the sake of posterity!!!" "Okay, class," he added, "that's all for today, see you manana!!!" The room was a buzz as everyone filed out into the hall talking about "the murder", that is, everyone except Molly, who stayed glued to her seat while waiting for the room to clear!!! Now she had to find a way to make it across the campus without being seen to change her clothes!!! As she walked to the door and peeked out side to see if the coast was clear, the reason for her discomfort was clearly evident on the seat of her blue jeans, during all the commotion, Molly had lost control of her bladder and pissed in her pants!!!Ever since she was a little girl Molly had had trouble controlling her water, but only after she had gotten to college, had the problem turned more serious, and the embarrassment of it all kept her from confiding her secret to anyone!!! Even more alarming, while in her younger days it had just more or less been an inconvenience to be dealt with, as she had gotten older, the act of involuntary urination became coupled with extreme sexual arousal!!! For example, today in the lecture hall when the intruder fired off his gun, as Molly let loose with a torrent of piss into her panties, her clit automatically erected and climaxed in a matter of seconds, leaving her not only soaking wet from her urine, but totally drained and spent from her involuntary orgasm!!! And these were not your run of the mill orgasms that you could get from masturbating, they were brutally hard and vicious in their intensity and suddenness, which could in some cases actually cause her to cry out do to her excitement!!! Today in class, she had actually made quite a bit of noise, but luckily it was masked by the echoing of the shots as well as the screams from her fellow students!!! Lately, it had gotten to the point that even if she relieved herself in a normal fashion, she would become at the least very aroused, and at the worst have a soft to mild orgasm!!! Back in her dorm room she had just removed her wet things when the urge to urinate over took her and she scurried into the bathroom, plopped down on the toilet, and let loose with a hard stream of piss!!! Immediately her cunt wrenched as another orgasm wafted through her pussy, and thinking she was alone, she let out long low moan as piss dribbled slowly from her now bulging pussy lips!!! She sat on the pot, lost in her own thoughts, when like a slap to the face a voice asked seriously, "Molly, are you all right, you sounded almost like you were in pain!?!"Completely embarrassed, a red faced Molly jumped up grabbed a towel to cover her nakedness and stammered, "Uh, Barb, I didn't know you were here, I thought you had a biology test to take!!!" "It was postponed," Barb replied, "the professor was sick or something, are you sure you're okay, you don't look to good, hon!?!" "I'm just fine, Barb," Molly replied while pushing past her into the living area, "now it you'll excuse me I have to get dressed and get to my next class!!!" "Uh, sure, Mol," Barb said in a slightly confused voice, "I was just worried about ya, no problem, sorry for the intrusion!!!" Barb sat down at her desk while Molly pulled on a pair of panties and jeans, and she was just about to crack open her biology book when she noticed the wet pants and panties lying over on the floor in a heap! She walked over and picked them up and asked softly, "Are you sure you're okay, Molly, it looks like you've had a little trouble?!?" Aghast, Molly looked at her friend and dropped to the bed and broke down sobbing!!!Ten minutes later after having listened to her roomie pour out her heart and explain her whole situation, Barb asked slowly, "You mean that every time you go pee you have a climax?!?" Molly nodded her head yes and went on, "It's gotten to the point where I try not to even drink any fluids, cuz I know that in an hour or so I'm gonna have to go and then, you know, I'll have another one!!!" "Are they, you know, like if you're with a guy," Barb asked seriously?!? "Well," Molly replied, "I've never actually been with a guy, but from what I understand they're just about the same!!!" "Wow," Barb said with a trace of envy in her voice, "I know it must be inconvenient, but it must be great when you really feel like having one, and orgasm I mean!!!" "Well," Molly replied softly, "sometimes it can be even better than good, like yesterday, I had to go so bad I didn't think I was gonna be able to make it home!!!" "I practically ran the last two blocks and barely made it to the toilet," she continued, "and it just gushed out and I really had a big one, I couldn't move for five minutes, I was just wrecked!!!" "Is that why you shave you lips," Barb asked?!? "Yeah," Molly replied, "since I have so many accidents, it's just cleaner if I don't have any fur down there, it's easier to keep it fresh!!!" "I don't want you to think that all I do is stare at your pussy," Barb continued, "but I couldn't help noticing that you lips are super plump and always seem to be sexually aroused!!!" Again shaking her head in the affirmative, Molly answered, "I guess they are pretty much turned on all of the time, because since I cum when ever I go potty, they never really get a chance to relax, so they're always at the ready!!!" "Can I ask you a favor," Barb said softly?!? "Sure," Molly replied, "shoot!!!" Getting up and going over to the small refrigerator, Barb grabbed a couple of diet soft drinks and tossed one to Molly and said, "I wanna see you do it, so drink up!!!"An hour later, and after three twelve ounce cans of soda, Molly was fidgeting on the bed and practically begging Barb let her go into the bathroom and relieve herself!!! "Just a little longer, hon," Barb intoned sternly, "from what you tell me, you have much harder orgasms when your bladder is under a great deal of pressure, but I'll let you do one thing, you can take off your jeans and panties to get ready!!!" Molly nearly tore them off as she pace back and forth across the room, walking with her thighs pressed hard together in and attempt to keep her piss from dripping out of her cunt!!! "You can go in three minutes," Barb said easily, "but first you have to do one thing for me!!!" "What is it this time," Molly moaned, "I can't take much more of this!?!" "Just come over here, sit down, and spread your legs so that I can see what your pussy looks like before you do it," Barb ordered!!! Molly knew that until she did as she was told Barb wouldn't allow her to use the bathroom, so she quickly sat down and fairly threw her legs open, exposing her dripping, drooling, and flushed lips for Barb to see!!!Oh, my," Barb said under her breath, "you're totally ready to blow, your pussy's all puffed up and literally dripping!!! "You're telling me something I don't already know," Molly questioned through clenched teeth, "may I please go now!?!" "Okay," Barb said excitedly, "but not in the toilet, get in the shower and do it, I wanna see your pussy when you pee and cum!!!" "Okay, okay," Molly replied while she raced towards the bathroom, "anything you say, just let's hurry please!!!" Barb could barely keep up as Molly leaped into the shower and turned to face her friend with her legs partially spread and said urgently, "I can't hold it any longer, here it comes!!!" Barb's eyes were riveted to Molly's bulging sex when out of nowhere, a fire hose stream of piss spewed from Molly's organ and an incredible orgasm whipsawed the young woman like an avalanche of snow tearing down a mountain!!! Molly was close to blacking out, but luckily Barb was close enough to grab her by the arm and guide her safely to the shower floor where she lay crumpled in a heap!!!After a long hot shower, Molly emerged from the bathroom with a sheepish smile on her face!!! "How do you feel now," asked Barb!?! ""Pretty good," Molly replied, "but if we play that game to often I won't be able to stand up!!!" "Well," her friend answered with a smile, "I guess we're just gonna have to get you a walker then, aren't we!?!"

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